Monday, February 13, 2012

From AFWJ February Journal - Music Blogs 4

Catherine rarely goes to karaoke, but 26 years ago knew Futari no Osaka because her husband is from Osaka. Since then, she’s learned Shima no Uta, because they used to live in Okinawa

Miyako Harumi and Miyazaki Tadashi, Futari no Osaka:

The Boom, Shima Uta

Helen likes Masaharu Fukuyama’s Sakura Zaka and Masayoshi Yamazaki. She says she doesn’t “remember the names, early stuff”. She doesn’t pay much attention to J-Pop, but know Utada Hikaru’s Automatic because her friend used to sing it at karaoke. As for herself, she tried to do Ryuichi Kawamura’s Glass a long time ago, and has been known to sing along to her husband’s attempts at Ken Hirai’s Grandfather’s Clock and the GeGeGe Song, but says she doesn’t read hiragana/katakana fast enough usually!

Fukuyama Masaharu, Sakura Zaka:

Yamazaki Masayoshi, One More Time, One More Chance:

Utada Hikaru, Automatic

Kawamura Ryuichi, Glass

Original GeGeGe no Kitarou opening song:

Janine's favorite is Satoshi Ikeda’s Tsuki no Fune, from 20 years ago. She generally does not like Japanese music, though her daugher is becoming a teeny-bopper and she is subjected to AKB and other horrors regularly these days! She sings no Japanese karaoke songs, and says “Karaoke is for having fun with my English friends”

Satoshi Ikeda, Tsuki no Fune

Melissa likes Angela Aki, Ayaka Ide, NOT AKB or any of that pop stuff. Her music preferences stop in the mid 1990s. No karaoke—“can’t even sing any songs in English.”

Angela Aki, Every Woman’s Song

Tammy has only one Japanese CD, Hikaru Utada’s Greatest Hits, which she bought her first year in Japan. She likes Ayaka Ide’s videos that she’s seen on YouTube, thanks to her mom! “She has a beautiful and strong voice”. She also like the songs she’s heard by Mika Nakashima (of Nana fame).

For karaoke, Tammy has three Japanese songs in her repertoire: Time Will Tell by Hikaru Utada, Cutie Honey by Koda Kumi, and Glamorous Sky by Mika Nakashima.

Koda Kumi, Cutie Honey

Nakashima Mika, Glamorous Sky, acoustic version

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