Monday, February 13, 2012

From AFWJ February Journal - Music Blogs 3

Member “EM” knows very little about presently popular artists, she prefers the ‘old’ ones like Kato Tokiko and Miyuki Nakajima. She also likes the actor Isamu Mukai, who was the son of Ieyasu in last year’s Taiga drama. “at least he’s a young star” she adds. She doesn’t go to or sing karaoke at all.

Kato Tokiko, Now is the Time:

Miyuki Nakajima, Earthly Stars:

Cherrian doesn’t have any favorites, but her daughter likes AKB48. At karaoke, she names Kyu Sakamoto’s Sukiyaki, but adds “I am not a singer and I would not dare try it again…”

Sakamoto Kyu, Ue o Muite:

Adele names Angela Aki and Ken Hirai, but adds that “music sounds the same so I don’t really bother with it”. She never goes to karaoke.

Ken Hirai, My Grandfather’s Clock:

Annette can sing the Algorithm March (こちむいてふたりでまえならへ) from NHK’s Pitakora Switch!

Sarah likes Ulfuls (Urufurus) and Exile, and sings Ulfuls at karaoke, for example this one:

Urufurus, Te wo Tsunaide

EXILE Someday:

Cheryl hates J-pop mostly, but her husband has an extensive music collection, she hears a lot of oldies—Inoue Yosui, Harada, Sho-ken, Yazawa Eikichi, plus jazz artists. She doesn’t sing Japanese karaoke, but is tempted by Saori Yuko and Pink Martini versions of classics on the ‘1969’ album: Mas Que Nada, Is that All There Is, etc.

Inoue Yosui, Youme no Naka e:

Eikichi Yazawa, Tomaranai Haha (Ichiro Suzuki’s ‘at-bat’ song in 2008):

Saori Yuko and Pink Martini, Mas Que Nada :

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