Monday, February 13, 2012

From AFWJ February Journal - Music Blogs 2

Fiona has a similar opinion about karaoke: “People would pay me not to sing karaoke.” She sings the Anpanman song at home until everyone tells her to shut up.

Rebecca “love, love, loves” Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra! She doesn’t know many songs for karaoke, just one or two folk songs*

Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra, Skaravan:

Amanda: “I used to like plenty of Japanese artists and songs, but recently, all I see is the crap put out by overly-populated idol groups such as AKB48 and their multitude of copycats. I know there are talented artists out there somewhere, but it gets annoying to wade through the crap. I used to listen to Kyosuke Himuro...that is the one I most remember from my high school days.”

Kyousuke Himuro, Kiss Me:

For karaoke, Amanda likes Ue o Muite, otherwise known as Sukiyaki (see below for link) in the West. She taught her daughter how to sing it, and now they enjoy singing it together.

Bessie says she is not good at karaoke, but cites ‘chanson (French lyrical song)’ Ai no Sanka

Okuda Aikko; Ai no Sanka (Hymne a L’amour):

Lynda declares Spitz’s Cherry is the only one she likes enough to mention! For karaoke, she cites Cherry, plus “all the really well known songs that you can’t escape in Japan!”

Spitz, Cherry:

Charmaine also likes Spitz:

Spitz, Kaede

Rachel likes Angela Aki, especially Sakura Iro and Tegami, and that’s about it! She loves music of many different genres, but doesn’t really enjoy Japanese pop music. She doesn’t do karaoke, but would not do any Japanese songs if she did. She only knows kids’s songs well enough to sing them.

Angela Aki, Sakura Iro:

Angela Aki, Tegami:

Marybeth likes some Arashi and SMAP because the tunes are everywhere and they grow on her. She also thinks Ken Hirai is good and enjoys Ayaka Ide along with her daughers, and Dreams Come True, because “they all have actual talent”. She adds: “SMAP members should ONLY sing as a group—never with solos”

A very cute video from Arashi:

SMAP the singles:

Dreams Come True, Winter Song (in English

Video of Ayaka Ide’s previous single, featuring the wild horses that live around where she and her mother, an AFWJ member, live in southern Miyazaki prefecture.

Ken Hirai, Pop Star, live

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