Sunday, February 12, 2012

From AFWJ February Journal - Music blogs

We asked on femail and facebook for members (and non-members!) to post their favorite Japanese songs, both for listening to and for singing at karaoke.

Here are the results! Please click on the links to be taken directly to YouTube to have a listen to this incredibly diverse selection

The songs Sandra likes are: Nadasoso, Ringonouta, Amahikoue, plus many others. All the songs she likes, she can sing at karaoke.

Natsukawa Rimi, Nadasoso:

Kuroshitsuji, Ringonouta:

Nakashima Miyuki, Chijou no Hoshi

Vivian likes Nakamura Masatoshi. She leaves it to her daughter to recommend more recent songs, but doesn’t remember their names. She hasn’t been to karaoke for a long time, but used to sing Shiroetto Romansu, and English songs with other foreign wives.

Nakamura Masatoshi, Fureai

Kisugi Takao, Silhouette Romance:

Kisugi Takao, Goodbye Day

Vicky also recognizes songs that her kids play, but doesn’t remember the names! She likes Angela Aki and Ayaka Ide. And karaoke: “You couldn’t pay me enough to sing karaoke in ANY language!”

Ayaka Ide’s single, Hikari, featured on a Pantene shampoo ad:

Ayaka Ide’s single, Kitto Zutto, featured on NHK drama 'Tightrope Woman':

Ayaka Ide’s previous single, Sukoshi Zutsu:

Angela Aki, One Family, which she sang on the Kohaku Uta Gassen last year, nine months pregnant!

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