Sunday, March 18, 2012

Karaoke songs

I am equally happy to sing Japanese or English songs at karaoke. My karaoke “Juhachiban-ban” (number 18 = best song or ‘party piece’) is Anri’s “Olivia o Kikinagara”. This is the song that got me on the “Nodo Jiman” show a few years back, singing live on NHK national TV:

Other personal karaoke faves from over the years are:

“Glass no Judai” (Hikaru Genji)

“Akai Sweet Pea” (Matsuda Seiko)

“Baby, Baby” (Okamura Takako)

“Kagayakinagara…” (Tokunaga Hideaki)

“Honki” (Tamura Eriko)

“Nani mo Ienakate…Natsu” (J-Walk)

and “Suna no Kajitsu” (Nakatani Miki).

OK, I also have to admit I like to do “Gee” by Korean pop girl

group Shojou Jidai--it is just so darn cute. I can’t quite get all the words

yet, since it is so fast, but my girls are happy to sing along with me:

Another newish band I like is Ikimono Gakari--their songs are a little too hard to learn quickly, but I am trying:

The first J-band I ever got into was Carlos Toshiki and Omega Tribe. They were popular right around the time I came here on a working holiday at 18. Lead singer Carlos was from Brazil and I loved the fact that he was another gaijin in Japan like me. Two years later, I came to Japan again after college to work in Hiroshima. I went all the way to Osaka after work—alone--to catch Omega Tribe in concert. My workmates thought I was nuts but it was wonderful. The band broke up soon than that. Watching old videos of Carlos still makes me go gooey inside. Such a sweetheart. My favorite song is the first one I ever heard, “Stay Girl, Stay Pure”, from late 1987.\=PLC2ABB5E13FD45D20

The following songs seem to be ones that most Japanese women around my age really get into. Whenever I go out with girlfriends, these get everyone singing:

“Sabishii Netaigyou” (Wink)

“Ureshii, Tanoshii, Daisuki!” (Dreams Come True)

“Love Revolution” (Morning Musume)

“Diamonds” (Princess Princess)

“Aoi Sangoshou” (Matsuda Seiko)

“Choo Choo Train” (Zoo did the original—Exile covered it more recently)

“Resort Lovers” (Bakufu Slump)

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